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000 0390 by WokenDreamz
000 0390
Here's another fluff and skull creature! Yay. Not a character or anything. I was just bored while I was in the car waiting.
Ravens by WokenDreamz
My deer Ashe for TEF, once again. Haven't really been in the mood to color anything recently, but decided I needed to get him colored for the site. Saw a couple of pictures of birds and deer together so I thought why not, he's friends with ravens anyways. Well, recently.

That's suppose to be a flower patch, but I got lazy.  
TEF: Ashe by WokenDreamz
TEF: Ashe
I just got a hold of the game The Endless Forest about two weeks ago and for some reason I'm addicted and am trying to join the online community. So here's how my deer looks for the community, not in-game, since I'm pretty sure they don't have to look like they do in the game. 

(Will be edited as I go)
Name: Ashe
Nickname: Flower Boy
Titles: -
Breed: Water Deer hybrid
Sex: Male
Age: Fawn (Maybe about 4 in human years)
Height: #12
Orientation: Too young/probably doesn't care.
Relationship Status: Single
Scent: Oak, violets, bluebells, pansies, and occasionally ash.
Diet: Leaves, acorns, mushrooms, moss; mostly a herbivore, but will sometimes eat meat.
Voice: Unknown; might be mute. Prefers to use noises such as: grunts, huffs, clicks, hisses, mooing, and screeches. 
Eyes: Mostly a hollow black, but will appear to have amber eye spots sometimes.

Since he is still a young fawn, he has yet to get any distinguished markings, carrying the average fawn spots on his back. He does have a great deal of fur starting from the top of his head, going down his back, and ending at his tail (which I have yet to decide if it should be long or short). He has a skull head with two long "tusks".

TEF Set: none yet, violets.

He is a curious little thing, having the urge to check out almost every little thing that gets his attention. Though he spends a lot of his time alone exploring the forest, he loves the company of other deer, whether it's running in a herd or snuggling with one (or a few). Because of liking the company so much, he is afraid to disappoint another deer, or that they won't like him. Although he may not look the type, he is very playful, running and jumping everywhere.

Other's company, running with another deer or a herd, flowers, the Old Oak, and splashing in the pond.

Being attacked and not being welcomed into company.

Faun by WokenDreamz
Another new character. Unlike Kadin, he prefers to be fully clothed, where Kadin only prefers half. He's modeled after a Visayan Spotted deer I believe. That is, if I didn't change it and forgot.


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Artist | Student | Varied
Hey everyone. What's my name? You can call me Dreamz, Ace, or Ash. I am a student of Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, and Literature.

I can be quite random, so if I say something, don't get offended. My brain gets side tracked quite a bit.

Favorite genre of music: EDM, Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz.

Favourite style of art: I do Traditional and Digital, but I'll try different things.

Favorite characters: Izaya, Shizuo, Mikado, Celty, Rainbow Dash, Bakura, and Marik. // Real people: Castiel (Supernatural), Dean (Supernatural), Ross (from Friends) and House (House).

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(Ignore This Stupid Rant)

I'm a bit miffed right now. Apparently my cable company decided to wage war today and cut off basic channels so I'm going to miss How To Get Away With Murder, great show by the way, and streaming it is out of the option (thanks Well, I guess I could use this time to get tomorrow's work done with... On to tumblr!

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